Ping Monk offers integrations with various tools to help you stay on top of downtime. By being notified before customers, you can minimise its impact on your business. Don’t let downtime catch you off guard – check out Ping Monk’s integrations today!

Get immediate notifications on


 An important marked email.


A quick Pop-up on your device.


Telegram messages are a great way to stay alert.

Web push

Web push notifications are small message alerts

Voice Call

Automated voice call alert when anything goes wrong.


For advanced alerting, you can set up webhooks in your system or app.


Your entire team will get notified when your website goes down.


You will get a notification even when you are offline.


Add your Zapier account to stay alert.


Send you a private message.


Get alerts via mobile push notifications in the Pushover app.


Send up & down events and auto-resolve your incidents in PagerDuty.

Splunk On-Call

Just set up a Splunk URL to notify, and you are good to go!

Google Chat

Get notifications via Google Chat. Just copy the room URL to Pingmonk.


Get important monitor status updates in your Discord messages


Get instant alerts via mobile push notifications in the Pushbullet Android app.

Email to SMS

Using a free Email to SMS gateway you will receive alerts to your mobile phone number via SMS

Microsoft Teams

Get notifications inside your Microsoft Teams app to alert everyone in the group.

Status Pages

Use public status pages to raise trust.

Be interactive. Inform the public about your availability and customers about any scheduled or unforeseen disruptions.

View the LIVE demo or go through the Status Pages.