Ping any device or server.

Ping monitoring notifies about any changes to the server or other network devices. We confirm that all of the devices in your network are operational. We continuously monitor your servers.

Monitor server availability.

Make sure your server is always up and ping your publicly available IP address so that you will get notified if anything happens.

The ping utility is a straightforward and often used tool that comes with most operating systems that lets you evaluate a device’s or network’s reachability and responsiveness. The “pong” message that a device sends back in response to a ping serves as a kind of assurance that the device is online and able to interact.

Choose the integrations on which you would like to receive notifications.

Get instant alerts via email, SMS, voice call or through one of many integrations (such as Email, Skype, Telegram, etc.)




Web Push



Voice Call



Stay notified on the go with our Android/iOS app.

Get instant notifications, manage monitors and check your uptime statistics on the go with our slick mobile app.

Our Features

Advanced features for advanced users.

Share updates

Email subscribers on your Status page will receive status updates.

White-labeled Status pages

Add your logo, change the colors, or even link a custom domain.

Response times

To identify performance glitches, view your response times in a chart.

Maintenance windows

Set maintenance windows to stop alarms while executing the required maintenance.

Custom HTTP requests

Do you need to set an advanced HTTP header? You have our back!

Multi-location checks

To avoid false positives, we verify incidences from several places.

Set up website monitoring in seconds.

Status Pages

Use public status pages to raise trust.

Be interactive. Inform the public about your availability and customers about any scheduled or unforeseen disruptions.

View the LIVE demo or go through the Status Pages.