Display the duration of your service on a status page.

Use status pages and appropriate emails to inform your users about problems and maintenance.

Inform your users when there is maintenance or an incident.

Increase the reliability of your service. How long you’ll be away from the office will be conveyed to your clients with good email notifications. They’ll be ready and pay attention.

Password-protected private status page.

When the support team doesn’t need to ask the developer for changes, that’s noteworthy. Thanks to a password-protected status page, you can only share an internal status page with your peers.

Status page with all you need

Response times

For users to understand how you attempt to be as quick as possible, share response times.

Custom domain

Create a status page for your domain, for example, status.example.com

Custom design

Play with your brand’s strengths. You can change the fonts and colors and add a logo.