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Get Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Website Monitoring from One Place

Website monitoring

Know right away if your website is down! Effective monitoring saves you money by alerting you before any problems arise.

SSL monitoring

Avoid losing customers because your SSL certificate has expired. Receive notifications 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days before expiration so you may renew.

Ping monitoring

Utilize one of the technologies that managers use the most to verify network device availability.

Port monitoring

Is email service still available? What about the crucial database server? Let’s verify! Track any specified service that is active on any port.

Heartbeat monitoring

Also referred to as Cron job monitoring. Keep an eye on background processes that repeat themselves or internet-connected network devices.

Keyword monitoring

Check the response to the request for specific text by using keyword monitoring (typically HTML or JSON).

Page load monitoring

Get to know the timings taken while your page was getting loaded.

Page screenshot monitoring

See how your page was visible on different devices.

Our Features

Advanced features for advanced users.

Uptime monitoring tools are essential for website owners and businesses to ensure their website is always available and performing optimally. With website uptime monitoring, you can receive alerts in real-time if your website goes down or if there are any performance issues. This can help you address the issue quickly and avoid any loss of revenue or reputation damage.

Share updates

Email subscribers on your Status page will receive status updates.

White-labeled Status pages

Add your logo, change the colors, or even link a custom domain.

Response times

To identify performance glitches, view your response times in a chart.

Maintenance windows

Set maintenance windows to stop alarms while executing the required maintenance.

Custom HTTP requests

Do you need to set an advanced HTTP header? You have our back!

Multi-location checks

To avoid false positives, we verify incidences from several places.


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Invite team members to access your monitors and stay informed.

Monitoring uptime and other critical metrics is not a one-person job. It requires a team effort, and that’s where the ability to add team members to your uptime monitoring tools comes in. With this feature, you can invite your team members to access your monitors, keep them notified of any issues, and manage incidents effectively.

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